A Look Back At Evelyn Lozada’s Best Moments From Basketball Wives

Over the course of four seasons of Basketball Wives, we’ve been through a lot with the ladies. So much in fact, that it’s easy to forget some of their defining moments. Remember when Royce and Evelyn used to be friends, and Royce performed a…questionable birthday dance for Evelyn? Or when Evelyn and Jennifer used to be friends and cruised internet dating sites looking for guys? Or when Tami and Evelyn used to be enemies and fought over who was the bigger non-mother-f—ing factor?

In these classic Evelyn clips, relive all the best quotes and moments brought to us courtesy of Ms. Lozada, and keep an eye out for some other surprise guests at some of her dinner parties — newcomer Tasha Marbury and Love And Hip Hop star Rashidah Ali make cameos, who knew they were friends from way, way back? Watch the playlist above, and be sure to tune in to the season premiere of season five this Monday night, August 19, at 8PM ET/PT.

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