Po Johnson Blogs La La’s Full Court Life: Let The Weight Loss Challenge Begin

This week’s episode of La La’s Full Court Life saw friends La La and Dice tap into their competitive spirits for the benefit of their health. And to look damn good at the Met Gala (which La La did, in case you haven’t seen pictures). Fortunate enough to sit this particular Weight Loss Challenge out, Po Johnson still has some thoughts on what her pals went through, and the challenges women face on a daily basis given the pervasive body image pressures within our culture. Read on for her thoughts on Episode Six.

We all have our things that continuously bother us, and with that comes our security blankets or our vices (or our drugs I guess you could say). My dear friend La La has always, always been obsessed with her weight. But she has good reason to: there’s a lot of pressure with the red carpets, the TV shows, the movies, the girls that we see plastered across the magazines with flawless skin and bodies. And no matter how much Dice, Mel, and I tell La how beautiful she is, nothing comforts her like a Kit Kat.

Dice just recently start taking her weight loss seriously. And I must admit, she looks INCREDIBLE! But I never thought she would talk it as far as a colonic! Talk about stepping up to the plate. The best thing about this weight loss challenge was I had nothing to do with it–I just sat back and watched Dice get probed and La starve herself. None of these things I would recommend to anyone!

I can’t front; I definitely have my insecurities. I stick to a really strict workout regiment, which I like to call “torture”! I hate my height, so I’m always wearing creepers–people think it’s my style so let’s go with it–and I absolutely hate my nose. What can I say, I’m a girl, and that’s what we girls do: we pick ourselves a part. I don’t know what it is really, it’s like this mass email that we all receive at 11 years of age or around the time we get our menstrual cycles that reads, “Stay at 98 percent, never 100 percent.” But you know what makes up that two percent? My girls! We ride for each other.

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