Read The Best Tweets From The Cast Of Basketball Wives From Last Night’s Premiere

Big changes are afoot this season on Basketball Wives. From broken relationships to family tragedies to cast members who are no longer with us, there was a lot to digest during the season premiere last night, and the cast (current, former, and even their L.A. counterparts) were watching intently and tweeting about it to give us some bonus commentary. Jennifer Williams chimed in to announce once and for all that she is no longer a part of the show, Evelyn and her daughter Shaniece could not get over Shaniece’s excessive hair, and Tami Roman revealed that she and Royce Reed made peace after season four’s falling out. Read them all below.

  • Jennifer

  • Tami1

  • Tami2

  • TamiRoyce

  • EvTweet

  • Ev2

  • EvSuzie

  • EvHome

  • EvShaniece

  • Shaniece

  • EvelynLawd

  • DrayaTweet

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