Couples Therapy Season Finale Sneak Peek: Joe And Abbey Leave

Last week’s Couples Therapy episode ended with a blowout between Joe and Heather, in which Joe threw the water from his water bottle in Heather’s face. This week, the rest of the cast reveals what they think about Joe’s cowardice for running away from the situation. “Joe would have never thrown water in my face. That would never happen,” Temple says in the sneak peek above. “And I don’t know if he would even be able to live to tell about it.”

When it comes to Joe and Abbey’s fate in the house though, they make a shocking decision. “This environment is no longer conducive to his or Abbey’s therapy,” Dr. Jenn reveals. And with only days left in the process, he and Abbey leave the house. Find out how the rest of the group deals with their final days on Wednesday night’s season finale of Couples Therapy, which airs at 10PM ET/PT.