How Well Do You Know Joseline Hernandez From Rihanna?

It’s easy to mistake Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez for Rihanna. Both are fiery live performers who hail from tropical islands, which helps them feel extremely comfortable dancing around in very little clothing.Over the course of two seasons of LHHATL and some Instagram browsing, it’s become clear that a mutual admiration exists between these two women. But when push comes to shove, or the ass hits the floor, can you tell them apart? When dealing with hair, nails, heels, and behinds, it becomes harder than you might think.

To see how well you know your stuff, put your knowledge of the Puerto Rican Princess and the Bajan Beauty to the test through this collection of photos below.

1. Whose backside is auditioning for a role of its own?

ANSWER: Joseline, whose lovely lady lumps receive compliments in both English and Spanish.

2. Who’s so hot she needs to cool off in the nearest body of water?

ANSWER: Rihanna, who makes us sad to see the summer go.

3. Whose colorful talons are the perfect accessory to any microphone, and the envy of many Instagram followers?

ANSWER: Joseline, who might owe that particular nail design to Princess RiRi.

4. Who is literally a beach bum?

ANSWER: Rihanna. You can take girl out of the island, but you can’t take the island out of the girl.

5. Speaking of, whose fringe and sequins are perfect for island revelry?

ANSWER: Joseline, whose outfit goes perfectly with the risque Kadooment Day Parade getup Rihanna sported earlier this month.

6. Who takes to Twitter to lend wisdom to the masses?

ANSWER: Rihanna, who doesn’t believe in censorship.

7. Who brings fire to the stage every time she performs?

ANSWER: Rihanna, who hasn’t taken a nap in over seven years.

8. Who is a strong supporter of the underboob trend?

ANSWER: Joseline, who is an equal opportunist when it comes to showing some skin.

9. Who believes every woman looks more beautiful with something bright and shiny around her neck?

ANSWER: Rihanna, who has developed a close relationship with Chanel over the years.

10. Whose hips are the real moneymakers?

ANSWER: Joseline. We hear they don’t lie either.

11. Whose music video is this? (BONUS: What song is it for?)

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