Pic Of the Day: Kimbella, Yandy, And Nicki Minaj Are Three Amigas

Kimbella may not be on Love And Hip Hop anymore, but her friendship with her puuuuud Yandy Smith will never end. She and Yandy spent the weekend partying with Nicki Minaj who also seems to really love Kim, as you can tell from the way she lavishes her with kisses. We know Nicki loves to tweet about Love And Hip Hop, but she also loves hanging with the cast, too. Our fingers are crossed that one day she’ll make a cameo.

If you miss Kimbella like we do, take a peek at some of her classic modeling shots in the gallery below.

  • kimbellaphotoshoot1-1322498281

  • kimbellaphotoshoot2-1322498279

  • kimbellaphotoshoot3-1322498276

  • kimbellaphotoshoot4-1322498275

  • kimbellaphotoshoot5-1322498273

  • kimbellaphotoshoot6-1322498271

  • kimbellaphotoshoot7-1322498267

  • kimbellaphotoshoot8-1322498265

  • kimbellaphotoshoot9-1322498422

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[Photo: Instagram]