Very VH1: Did Suzie Let Tami Play Her On Basketball Wives?

Last night on Basketball Wives, Tami and Suzie did a little recon work to find out what they could about Tasha Marbury. (Not all that hard considering her life is regularly documented on TMZ and, inadvertently, in Evelyn Lozada’s book.) But when Tami suggested that Suzie bring up the question of whether or not Tasha’s husband really did have a fling with their chef, fans of the show criticized Suzie for letting herself be manipulated by Tami. On our Very VH1 live chat with Suzie, she defended herself and explained that she definitely didn’t get played.

“I don’t think I let Tami play me,” Suzie explains. She had her own reason for bringing up the chef conversation, she says, and that was to keep things spicy. “I think that it was already out there in the blogs, it was already public knowledge and you volunteered to be on the show…Are you guys really gonna watch us sitting there, eating dinner, singing Kumbaya, holding hands? It’s not gonna be interesting!”

Watch Suzie’s full Very VH1 chat right here to find out her feelings on the rest of the show.