Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Stars And Bambi Hang At 2Chainz Listening Party

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Remember the time Scrappy and Stevie got into a fistfight in the parking lot on Love And Hip Hop Atlanta? Looks like they’re all good now, since they were hanging out last night at the 2 Chainz listening party at Priv√© Lounge in Atlanta. And it wasn’t just the two men that surprised us. Traci Steele was also super friendly with Scrappy’s new boo, Basketball Wives L.A. star Bambi, despite our impression that the two women were not part of the same circle — not after Bambi appeared on the show amid Kirk’s lake house tryst. Check out the photos from the event to see Scrappy and Bambi get snuggly, and Traci and DJ Babey Drew getting close and making us want them to get back together.

[Photos: Instagram]