The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Suzie Ketcham

Suzie Ketcham has transformed in front of our eyes over the last four seasons of Basketball Wives. In the earlier seasons, she was the shows resident pushover, but as time went on she earned the respect of Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami proving she is more than just a pretty face.Suzie has also served as comic relief in throughout the series whether she’s showing the girls how using a “pepper mill” can pay off in the bedroom, or saying exactly what comes to mind. This season Suzie not only do we learn about her aspirations to finish her degree, but that she’s had it with being the pushover and isn’t afraid of letting it be known We can’t wait to see what surprises Suzie has in store for us this season so we gave her The Scoop treatment. From the craziest thing a fan has ever done for her to her drink of choice, find out the nine things you never knew about Suzie Ketcham.

Read on for some of our favorite Suzie moments!

During their first dinner together, Suzie asks Tasha about the chef incident.

Suzie discusses the success of the series, the change in her personality, and focusing on her love life.

Suzie opens up to Evelyn about dealing with domestic violence herself in this emotional clip.

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