The Best Moments Of La La’s Full Court Life Episode 7: La La Flies Solo

La La is all alone this week. Well, she’s preparing to be all alone. She got a role in Think Like A Man 2 (yay!) but that means she needs to film in Las Vegas for six weeks and she’ll be away from her friends and family for that whole time (boo!). La La is the type of person who needs someone with her “twenty eight hours a day,” Dice explains. So how is she going to handle six whole weeks of solitude?
Po really wants a nose job, so she consults with a doctor in L.A. to assess her situation. Dice tells her once she gets a new nose, she really shouldn’t put her nose ring back in and Po agrees. “Nothing goes in there. It’s like eating in a Bentley.” But after hearing the details of what the surgery might entail, it leaves her with something to think about.

She’s got a lot on her plate this week because she’s also gearing up for her EP release party, a day she likens to her wedding day. There’s a problem though, Po explains. “As an artist, you have to exude complete confidence,” but she is so self-conscious of her nose that she can’t do that.

When Po asks her mom for advice on the plastic surgery, she’s totally opposed to it. “You’re going to mess up something that’s beautiful?” she asks Po. And of course she’s a little protective anyway because she and Po share the same nose, so of course she doesn’t want her daughter to mess with that.

After weeks alone in Vegas with none of her friends nearby, La seeks the advice of her co-star, Kevin Hart, who knows a thing or two about being away from family in order to work. “You’re multi-tasking,” he tells her. “And in multi-tasking, you got multiple problems. It’s the nature of what you do.”

“It’s a lot of work,” La tells him.

“That’s why it’s work!” he replies.

Next episode: Will La La figure out how to balance it all? Will Po actually go through with the nose job? Tune in to find out.