The Best Moments Of La La’s Full Court Life Season Finale: The Best Treasure Hunt Ever

La La’s been in Vegas for three weeks for work — all by herself, no Po, no Dice, no Kiyan or Melo — and she’s going a little crazy missing them. When Dice surprises her with a visit, she’s beside herself with excitement. “I have been sent out here on a special mission, via your husband,” Dice tells La cryptically.

She hands La La a card that’s the beginning of a treasure hunt. “This is gonna be sick!” La says.

They head to a magic show for their first clue, and the magician, Nathan Burton, has a trick prepared just for La La. “I’m scared!” she says. Out from a covered, glass box emerges Po at the end of the trick. “This day has gone from sad to great and fun and crazy in a matter of minutes!” And, after the magician makes a snowmobile appear out of thin air, he presents La La with yet another clue in the scavenger hunt.

Part two of the hunt involves a zipline. Dice is scared to participate, but La La and Po are excited and need to zip across the city in order to get their next clue, which sends them to the race track where they have to drag race. “I wanna know what all this is leading up to,” La La says. So do we!

One of the stipulations of the race is that La needs to hit 100mph to get the next clue, but she barely goes over 20. “Stop disrespecting this Lamborghini!” Dice says. “I didn’t even know a Lamborghini could go that slow,” Po says. Even though she didn’t hit top speed, she’s rewarded with the next clue, which sends her back to her hotel room, where Kiyan is waiting. La La rightly freaks out. “My baby boy came to see me!”
Po plans to return to L.A. to go through with her nose job, despite her mom’s objections. In fact, her mom even shows up to lend her support. As soon as the doctor comes in, Po starts to freak out and have second thoughts. “Holy s—. I’m really gonna do this,” she says, making her final decision.

When it comes time for the final reveal, the results are perfect.

And so is the reaction of Dice and La La, who love it.

It’s the end of another season, and they have been through a lot together, good, bad and everything in between. “The only thing we don’t change is friends,” Po says.