Basketball Wives Episode 3: Really Right Or Really Wrong

Oh, yes she did.
Before we get into the helmet comment, let’s talk about the chef comment.

It’s time for the answer we’ve all been waiting for. Last week, Suzie caused a tense moment when she asked Tasha if the chef story — the rumor that Stephon Marbury cheated on Tasha with their chef — was true. “It’s okay,” Tasha says this week, finally giving us her answer. “It happened, it’s over with, it’s in the past. You know, things happen.” Tasha can tell the question made everyone uncomfortable and asks all the women “What you ducking and dodging for?” Tami says that she thinks this was Tasha’s personal business, and implies that Suzie shouldn’t have brought it up. But… Tami is the one who told Suzie about it and asked her to bring it up, right? (Well, if you want to step out of the world of editing and hear what Tami and Suzie really have to say on the matter, check out these interviews.)

Suzie can’t believe her ears, but also, her curiosity can’t be contained when she asks “Wait — was she good-looking?”

“Her tact and timing are not up to par,” Shaunie says. Tasha waves off the situation, saying she doesn’t want to give the woman any of her time and energy, but Suzie doesn’t know when to stop, and says that she only hires older, unattractive women to work in her house.

“Whateva!” Tasha says. “Let her take her lil’ money and keep it movin’.”

Tami is more shocked by the fact that Tasha is admitting they paid off the mistress.

Later, Tami says that she and Tasha spoke more at the dinner, and they were both told of their introduction to one another that “it could go really right or really wrong.” Tami brings this comment up to Shaunie. “I was a little bothered by the fact that we were told that we wouldn’t get along, that it could go real right or real wrong,” Tami says. She wants Shaunie to know that she thinks Shaunie’s telling Tasha this made a bad impression of who Tami is.

“It was not put out there to be a negative,” Shaunie says. She doesn’t understand why Tami is upset at something that didn’t go “really wrong” after all. “Here we are after the meeting, the meeting was fine, you guys like each other, so apparently there was no negative seed. Right? Thus, no negativity!” Shaunie said she was changing this season, but all this straight-to-the-camera eye contact is intense.

Tami is trying to change her image though and thinks “that comment could have been taken really negatively.” Shaunie says she stands by her comments that, yes, things really could have gone right or wrong, but they didn’t so end of story. But Tami’s not satisfied and tells Shaunie they’ll just have to agree to disagree on this.

Tami has a lot on her plate this week, and her mother’s health is really weighing heavily on her. She visits her cousin, Shauna, for a little cry session to talk about the situation and really express what her mom means to her. Her mother has been diagnosed with liver cancer and has been given about nine months. “If she dies tomorrow, have I achieved enough? Will she die proud of me?” Tami asks. Heavy questions, no doubt.

“How can she not be proud?” Shauna asks. “You’ve done enough. There’s nothing else you can do now but be there for her.”

Suzie’s been feeling bad about how she started things with Tasha, so they go to lunch so she can apologize for her bluntness. “I wanted to be like ’Trick! I don’t even know you!'” Tasha tells her. Suzie says she only asked because Tami really wanted to know, which shocks Tasha. And the drama begins in 3…2…1.

“Neither one of the really knew me that well, I feel like it was a little intrusive,” Tasha says. “At the end of the day it’s really nobody’s business but mine and my husband’s.” It’s a little awkward, but you’ve got to love Tasha’s straightforwardness. The two women agree that they’ll attend Evelyn’s PETA-sponsored birthday together to start over.

Speaking of PETA, Evelyn heads to their offices to see her photo spread for their new campaign. Not bad.

“Is that me??” Evelyn asks when she sees the poster. The woman looks good.

Suzie and Tasha get a limo to go to Evelyn’s poster unveiling, and as they toast to their newfound friendship, they discuss their Evelyn’s current romantic life. Suzie still believes that Evelyn needs to move on, and Tasha is in the Tami camp where she thinks he can change and deserves a second chance. “She doesn’t even need a man!” Suzie exclaims, to which Tasha responds with her now-infamous remark: “This will be funny. She could wear a helmet on a date.” Suzie laughs along with Tasha in the moment, and later admits “I was a bit shocked she said that.”

“I felt like, Tasha knows Ev, and that’s just Tasha’s personality to make jokes.” Hey, we’ve all laughed uncomfortably at an awkward joke, but this…is going to be bad.

The party is a huge success, but everyone notices Tami’s absence. Ev explains that Tami, too, was up for a PETA campaign and that might be the reason she didn’t show. “I have no idea where Tami is,” Ev says. “I think she was trying to get PETA to add her to their campaign and she doesn’t really rub me like a hater but you know, sometimes women are funny.”

Evelyn heads to Shaunie’s house after the party and Shaunie fills her in on how Tami went off on her about the “real right or real wrong” business and how they planted negative seeds about her. “She’s planted her own seeds,” Evelyn says.

“I definitely, 1000% know that we did not plant a bad seed in Tasha’s head, so I just think it’s all bulls—,” Ev says.

Then Shaunie proceeds to do the “slow” Tami hair move, of carefully placing her hair behind her shoulder, “and her jaw always does like this.”

“Bottom line is, this is how the negative stuff starts!” Shaunie says. It’s kind of funny how meta this whole thing is, because we know in real life how much the women have talked about removing the negativity from the show, and now here hey are addressing it within the show itself.

“I feel like the s—’s gonna hit the fan at some point, definitely between Tami and Shaunie,” Evelyn says. “We’ll see.”

Back in Miami, Evelyn goes to the relationship therapist she and Chad saw before their wedding to talk. Dr. Nixon is familiar with the both of them, so when Evelyn recounts the story of what happened on the night that Chad came at Evelyn. Dr. Nixon tells her flat out “As a relationship therapist, I have a hard time accepting that you didn’t do anything.” She’s not necessarily victim-blaming, but she is asking Evelyn to think about the events of that night to see how she played a role in them. “I did raise my voice when I could tell that he was lying,” Evelyn says. “That’s what angered me.”

“This is why I think he really flipped, I told him, I’m not going to stick by you through this. I said, I don’t care if my marriage is the laughing stock of the world.” She then tells the doctor she told Chad she didn’t feel respected and told Chad they would not ever have kids together. “I was like, I’m never bringing a kid into this…and he just flipped. It was like he blacked.”

“How do you think you can move forward?” the doctor asks. That’s the question of the hour, because Evelyn has so many people offering her advice, some saying move on, some say give him a second chance, and she has no idea what the best option is. “I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing,” she says.

But the question is, what IS the right thing, anyway?