Watch Tami Roman’s Heated Video Recap Of Basketball Wives: “This Is Not A Game For Me”
“[Suzie], let me tell you what you are gonna do. You’re gonna use that same big-ass mouth of yours at this reunion and let everybody know the truth and what I told you to do, because you know that I told you not to bring up that chef.” That’s Tami Roman, recapping last night’s Basketball Wives and directing some frustration at Suzie Ketcham over this whole chef comment. While it looked as though Tami set Suzie up to ask Tasha Marbury about the chef that had an affair with Tasha’s husband, Tami explains in this recap that she explicitly told Suzie not to discuss it unless Tasha “tried to come for us.”

So it sounds like we know what at least one of the reunion segments this season will focus on!

In the rest of the video, Tami addresses the “really right or really wrong” situation with Shaunie and Evelyn, and why she didn’t attend Evelyn’s PETA birthday party. It was not, as Evelyn suggested, because Tami was jealous of her photo campaign, btw. “To imply that I was hatin’ on Evelyn or anybody else is dead-ass wrong,” she says. Watch the entire heated clip above. Count to ten again, Tami, we don’t want you to be so stressed!