Po Johnson On La La’s Full Court Life: Flying The Coop

Sunday’s final two episodes of La La’s Full Court Life Season Four saw La La Anthony leave the nest and embark on a major career move without the immediate support of her inner circle, and our girl Po Johnson follow her dreams in more ways than one.

Like you’ve done all season long, read on for Po’s thoughts on what went down and how La, Dice, Kiyan, and Carmelo remain such a tight-knit group.

YES I did it. I got a nose job and I absolutely love it!!! It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do since I was a teenager. I’m a strong believer in self-improvement and self-awareness–that doesn’t always mean surgeries, but to me, to be secure inside and out is one of the greatest gifts a girl can have! Now that I’ve said that…

How adorable is Kiyan? He’s gotten so big and incredibly smart. His relationship with La is really to cool to observe. It’s hard for La to leave Kiyan for such a long time, but there’s a little less pressure now that he’s starting to understand “Mommy’s work.” Although we all have out separate lives, we can’t stay away from each other too long.

I know I’m always saying I’m working on my music, but that’s because its true! My EP, The Diary of the Love Drunken Monkey, is a passion project I’ve been working on for a long time–seems like all my life; for me to actually hear the work and see the product means the world. I’ve slept on couches, eaten Ramen noodles for months, and a few other things that I should probably not mention to make this happen. I’m absolutely in awe that I’m able to share this project with my friends, family, and the world. The only negative thing was that my best friend wasn’t there I may have acted worst than Kiyan but it was okay. The plan the Mel put together was awesome.

I was all about surprising La, especially when she has no clue what’s going on. Let’s be real, the girl is like MacGyver: impossible to surprise. But why did zip lining have to be included? (And of course, Dice didn’t do it.) One thing I will say about myself is that I will always take one for the team. Especially this team!

To work with my friends and have our lives documented has been INSANE in a good way. We’ve been through so much on and off camera. Speaking for myself, I’ve definitely gotten to know myself better and done things I never thought I’d do. For example, rekindle my relationship with my father! But the great thing about this show, amongst all reality shows, is that we’re able to look from the outside and really evaluate ourselves. Hopefully we become a better friends, daughters, sisters, lovers, and human beings!