Top Moments Of Basketball Wives Episode 4: Entertaining Nonsense


Evelyn is back on the therapist’s couch this week discussing Chad again. She’s sought advice from her girlfriends, from her mom and sister, and now, the doctor, who asks her what it is that SHE wants to do in her relationship.

If there were no outside factors or opinions, no media scrutiny, what would Evelyn choose to do? She would choose to give Chad another shot, she says. She wants to be married, she wanted to be married to Chad, and she misses that. But the reality of the situation is not as perfect. “I felt like he can count on me for anything,” Evelyn says. “And it’s hard for me because he didn’t reciprocate that.”

But in spite of that and in spite of their physical altercation, she would still want to take him back. So the doctor asks the only logical question there is: “What is it that you know that we don’t know that would even make you consider giving it another try?”

“Just how we are with each other,” Evelyn says. “The way we make each other feel.” Dr. Nixon says that while that’s all good, “We think he would hit you.” Evelyn wants to continue therapy — hopefully even with Chad, to sort the relationship out.

Tami and Suzie get together to discuss why Tami couldn’t make it to Evelyn’s PETA-sponsored birthday bash, and it was not, as the ladies assumed, because she was being a hater about Evelyn’s photo shoot. Turns out, as Tami explained in her video blog from last week, that she was caring for her mother in the hospital.

Suzie also tells Tami that she met up with Tasha again to apologize for the chef incident and explain herself, and that she and Tasha are cool now. Tami’s glad to hear it and has plans to have a one on one with Tasha herself so she can get to know her without the interference from anyone else in the group. Tami asks Suzie if her name came up when she spoke with Tasha. “Not really, no,” Suzie says. CUT TO A FLASHBACK OF THE OPPOSITE THING HAPPENING:

In said flashback, Suzie’s telling Tasha that she felt pressure from Tami to ask about the chef. Hooooooooolord. This will come back to bite someone, I’m sure. (Suzie. Always Suzie.)

Evelyn meets with her lawyer to discuss both her pre-nup and her no-contact order against Chad. She explains that she’s the one who asked for a prenuptial agreement, not Chad, and that contrary to what some people might think, she only married him for his companionship, not for his money. She has her own fully-stocked bank account thankyouverymuch.

As for the no-contact order, it’s about to expire and the lawyer wants to know if Evelyn is comfortable with that, and she is. “Both sides just want to move on,” she says, and explains that she doesn’t fear for her life, she’s just ready to live her normal life again.

Tami has organized a day of luxury for her and her mom and it really looks like an amazing time at the fancy spa. Tami brings up the idea that she and her daughters had to have a family photo taken, and her mom, who is not generally a fan of photos, tells Tami she’s touched by the thought and the idea that Tami wants something to remember her by. “We have to be real…that day is coming,” Nadine tells Tami, and she’s truly appreciative that all four of them will have this opportunity and experience.

Nadine then tells Tami she has decided not to spend her final days in a hospice. “Every morning I wake up, I see death,” she says. Nadine plans to move out of Tami’s home and into a place of her own so that Tami doesn’t have to experience the death and the sad memories herself either. It’s maybe the least relaxing conversation I imagine one could have while getting a massage.

At the gym, Suzie is talking to Tasha about a rumor that Evelyn and Chad are back together. (This episode is all about juxtaposing the most serious of conversations with the most random places to have them.) Suzie is really concerned about the truth to this rumor because she doesn’t want Evelyn getting back into an abusive relationship. Tasha seems more inclined to just let Ev do what she wants to do, and tells Suzie all they can do is support Evelyn.

Later, we find out that the real reason Suzie is so anti-Chad is because she also suffered abuse at the hands of an ex, which is one reason she ended up having a lisp and ultimately required jaw surgery. Suzie tells Ev that she communicated with her ex for a while after their breakup, until he hit her hard enough that she ended up in the emergency room. That seems to hit home for Evelyn. Suzie’s final word on the subject: “Forgive, but definitely don’t forget.”

Shaunie’s heard the same rumors about Evelyn and Chad getting back together and she brings it up with Evelyn, too. First, Ev tells her all about her latest court date, which was the first time she saw Chad since their altercation, and she says the first thing Chad said to her was “Poopie!” Eve said they both laughed and it was as if they slid right back into their old ways because it was such a weird situation. From there, Ev says she picked up Chad’s daughter to go to a fan appreciation dinner in Chad’s honor — not the best choice, she admits — and as soon as they arrived, Chad grabbed her hand, hence all the rumors that they’re back together.

“So what ARE y’all doing?” Shaunie asks, once and for all.

“Nothing,” Evelyn says. She says ultimately, she wants to be “an example to women to show that, you know what? You can leave” an abusive relationship.

Tami is still on the “really right or really wrong” thing and goes to Evelyn’s to explain why she and Shaunie had words about that situation. Tami thinks Shaunie planted a seed that would give Tasha a wrong impression of Tami, and all Tami wants is a clean slate and no preconceived notions about who she is to be out there in the ether.

Evelyn seems annoyed by the fact that Tami is lingering on the issue. “If she’s really trying to leave the past behind, you wouldn’t be lingering on such petty s—,” Evelyn says. Tami wants to get them all together to talk about what was really said so the truth is out there, but Tami warns “I will hit you in your face if it goes left.”

“You would feel bad if that happened,” Evelyn says.

“You think?” Tami asks.

“I think so.”

“I don’t,” Tami says. So yeah, someone might go down at this four-way convo.

But first, a two-way conversation. Tami and Tasha have lunch because Tami also wants to clear the air and get to know the newcomer better, and she explains that she’s not trying to have problems with anyone. She explains how she and Suzie did “our little research” on Tasha in advance of the dinner, but that she’s sorry Suzie ever brought it up. Tami tells Tasha how bothered she was by the “really right or really wrong” comment, telling her “It made me feel like they didn’t want us to connect or didn’t want us to be cool.” Together, they agree that women, especially black women, don’t often support one another enough and it’s a shame. Seems like things are actually going really right between them.

Evelyn and Shaunie have to reconvene one last time so Evelyn can tell Shaunie how Tami wanted to handle their four-way conversation. “She had this track suit on,” Evelyn begins. “She was B-boy’d out.” Ev says that they agreed to all get together and told Shaunie that Tami was “’trying to change who I am,'” which earned a total “WHATEVS” Shaunie eye-roll.

“She was like ’I may have to punch somebody in the face,'” Ev tells Shaunie.

“Punching me in the face?” Shaunie says. “Obviously?…Let me tell you what’s not gonna happen. None of this,” Shaunie imitates the Tami hand wave in the face, “and punching in the face.”

“I don’t entertain nonsense,” Shaunie says. “So this whole putting your hands on me, guess what? It won’t get there boo, ’cause I’m not gonna act the fool with you. BRING IT!”