“Hell Has Frozen Over”: Meeka Claxton And Tami Roman Make Amends And Hug It Out

Tami Roman has mentioned a few times on Basketball Wives that she is trying to change herself for the better, and even though things might be dicey at the moment between Tami and some of her current castmates on the show, she has made amends with one of her most infamous rivals from seasons past, Meeka Claxton. If you recall, the two had an altercation while on vacation in Italy during season three and Tami didn’t shed any tears when Meeka did not return to the show.

The two women ran into each other at New York Fashion Week recently and seem to have talked out their differences. “The feud is O-V-E-R,” Meeka wrote on Instagram. “i don’t know how at a fashion show in a room full of 100’s of people @officialtamiroman and I could have such a deep convo, get so much off our chest, make peace and hug it out. I swear it was like no one else was there. #Growth #Forgiveness #RealSh*t.” Tami also posted the above photo and wrote “Me and @meekaclaxton. ..as she said, YES HELL has frozen over LOL. I apologized to this sistah and we r moving on in peace. #realwomenshit #maturity #liveinlove.”

[Photo: Instagram]