Very VH1: Tasha Marbury Is Staying Neutral In The Tami Vs. Shaunie Showdown

Tasha Marbury joined us this past Monday night for our Very VH1 live chat after Basketball Wives, and we wanted to know about one issue that seems to be spiraling out of control this season, the “really right or really wrong” comment made by Shaunie. Before making an introduction between Tami and Tasha, Shaunie explained that due to the nature of both women’s personalities, things could either go well or…not. Tami has taken offense to the comment, explaining that she feels Shaunie planted a bad seed in Tasha’s head about what Tami is like. But what does Tasha think, since she’s the one involved?

Prior to meeting Tami, Tasha explains “I just listened to what they had to say and I said I’m not gonna formulate any opinions of Tami until I actually meet her myself.” But does she think Tami is overreacting to the situation? “I can’t speak for Tami or Shaunie. Tami, in her mind, she might have valid reasons for feeling the way she feels. Shanie clearly had valid reasons for saying what she said. I don’t really feel there’s a right or wrong here.”