Tami Roman’s Video Recap Of Basketball Wives Episode 4: You Don’t Want Nobody To Bring Nothin’

“I had no idea that four episodes later, it would still be the topic of conversation,” says Tami Roman in her video recap of last Monday night’s Basketball Wives. The recap was recorded a little later than usual because Tami was busy filming an upcoming episode of Tiny Tonight, so when she finally got around to making this clip, she was ready to fill in some of the blanks surrounding the show. Namely, her issues with Shaunie and Evelyn and, yes, still, the “really right or really wrong” comments. She can’t believe it’s still being discussed. (She also defends her love of track suits, which is hilarious.)

Tami’s issue about not wanting her past to overshadow who she is trying to be today is extremely important to her, and she doesn’t appreciate the fact that her co-stars seem not to understand that. To make her point, she brings up a few ways her fellow cast members’ pasts might come back to haunt them, too. And as for Shaunie’s challenge for Tami to “Bring it!”?? “Shaunie, now you know you don’t want nobody to bring nothin’ other than a check! And I think I’ve been doing that quite nicely for you.”

Watch the whole recap here, and tune in tonight for an all-new Basketball Wives at 8PM ET/PT.