Basketball Wives Episode 6: Big Diva

Things just got weird. Thanks, Big Diva.

The residual blowback from Tasha’s headbutt comments is still lingering this week on Basketball Wives, and Evelyn has excused herself from lunch because of ow hurt she is by what she’s just learned. “Am I being dramatic?” she asks Shaunie. “I would never say that. That’s like me making jokes about the chef.”

Later, at a photo shoot she’s doing for VIBE Vixen, Evelyn and Tami speak and Ev reiterates that, though Suzie might make jokes about the chef, she doesn’t laugh at them because she knows “that’s something that really hurt her.” Tami says that the old Evelyn would definitely have thrown something at Tasha if the incident has escalated, but the best thing to do now is to tell Tasha how much the comments hurt.

“Domestic violence reallllly isn’t something to poke fun about,” Tami explains, and even though she knows Tasha wasn’t trying to be malicious, she feels that it’s not really fodder for jokes.

Before Evelyn has a conversation with Tasha, she meets with Suzie, the accomplice in the limo head butt joke situation. Suzie explains that she figured Tasha knew Evelyn really well and from way back, so the joke was tempered by the fact that Suzie thought Tasha and Evelyn were really tight. “That’s crazy to me,” Evelyn says of the fact that, no matter how close she and Tasha had been, two references to head butting were made. Evelyn explains that if someone is going to make fun of her situation, “we don’t need to be friends, then.”

Suzie is disappointed in herself that she didn’t speak up when Tasha made the joke to her in the limo, but she also says she didn’t feel like she knew Tasha well enough to put her in her place.

On a more positive note, Tami, Shaunie and Evelyn have a visit to make, to a fan of the show whose life was saved as a result of a scene last season that showed Ev and Tami getting mammograms. Michelle is a woman who took that scene to heart and went to the doctor after experiencing some pain, and was told she had cancer. Luckily it was caught early, but she credits the women with saving her life. “Y’all are really an inspiration,” Michelle tells them.

Everyone gets emotional after hearing her story. “It just reminds me that my life’s not that bad…She just inspires me…to not let things affect me.”

Tasha finally gets the chance to explain herself to Evelyn and she tells her “You know me, it just came out my mouth.”

“I think I could’ve eaten her saying it one time and I would’ve gotten over it,” Evelyn says. “But this is not by mistake. You’re on purpose making these comments thinking you’re f—ing funny, and you’re not funny.” Evelyn tells Tasha she never laughs or makes light of the chef situation, but Tasha challenges her, asking why she put her story in Evelyn’s book as entertainment.

“I don’t really get her analogy because infidelity and domestic violence are two totally different things,” Evelyn says.

“My intentions were never to hurt Evelyn,” Tasha explains. “Moving forward, my intentions are never to hurt anybody.”

It’s finally the night of Tasha’s weave bar grand opening, and Shaunie and Tami are the first to arrive. They bump into celebrity hairstylist Elgin Charles (of Beverly Hills Fabulous fame and one of our all-time favorite VH1 celebs), and it’s no coincidence he is enveloped in a beam of light.

While Elgin’s presence, and his knowledge of all things hair, bodes well for the shop, when Evelyn arrives she notices a major typo on the store’s awning out front, the website reads Like, with an extra “w.” That stands for Whoops.

“I hate myself that I even noticed this because now I’m like, I don’t wanna look like I’m hatin’!” Evelyn says.

When Tasha makes her fashionably late entrance, Tami asks for a tour and Tasha points out all the aspects of the weave bar that are unfinished. The TVs aren’t up, the VIP lounge is still under construction, and then of course, the signage with the typo. When Tasha learns of the sign she says “I was not aware that there was a misspelling on the awning. It was a small error. We can change it,” she says.

Tasha also knows very little about hair weaves, as it turns out, and as Tami starts explaining the process to her, she wonders why Tasha would invest in something she knows so little about. Tasha tells her it’s all about the checks.

But that’s also when Tasha started getting defensive, and Tami started to take that as “Tasha coming for her.”
Tasha tells Tami this is not her first business, and she does indeed know what she’s doing.

“Okay, Tasha, since you have several businesses, what other businesses?” Tami asks. Tasha says she ran a now-closed children’s clothing store. “You starting stuff you don’t know about!” Tami tells her. Tasha’s not thrilled that Tami’s pushing her buttons during this particular party and she grows more defensive. And that’s when Big Diva came out. Great timing, Big Diva. Great timing.

Tasha’s business partner, Heather, brought out the giant-headed mascot to meet Tasha and introduced Big Diva as the “representation of Celebrity Sew-Ins.” It is so very awkward.

“Heather was like ’This is gonna be for marketing,'” Evelyn says. “And we’re like ’No the f— it ain’t!'”

“Imagine Big Diva in the hood the hood of Brooklyn. Like, soomebody’s gonna kick Big Diva in her f—ing neck.” (I may or may not have laughed out loud at this image.)

Overall, Evelyn declares the opening “a mess.”

After the grand opening, Tasha is holding another event, her birthday party. As she gets ready for that big night, Suzie comes by her hotel room to hang out and catch up. Suzie wants to make sure Tasha’s doing well after the various critiques she’s undergone at the hands of the rest of the women. And then Tami calls to tell Tasha she’s not going to the party because her eyes are “jacked,” and she believes it’s because the weave bar had asbestos in the walls.

Tasha hangs up with Tami, annoyed at that suggestion but she does her best not to let Tami agitate her too much. “What is that?” Suzie asks, referring to the asbestos. “Is that like bugs in the walls, or mold?”

Tasha spares us all the schooling of Suzie in the field of cancer-causing insulation materials and just brushes her conversation with Tami off.

“Y’all an opinionated group of…folks,” Tasha declares. “I ain’t scared of Tami. I ain’t scared of none of y’all, just so y’all know.”

The women, minus Tami, arrive at Tasha’s birthday party and Evelyn says “The vibe is…no vibe.” No one is there yet, not even Tasha.

“Are we early?” Shaunie asks.

“I walk into Tasha’s birthday party with the big bag of dildos that we bought her and there’s nobody there!” Suzie says. That might easily be the best single line uttered on the show. The women wait and wait for Tasha to arrive, and they finally declare “This is a bust,” and they leave the bag of sex toys behind and take off.

When Tasha does show up, she just has one question: “Where the hell are they?”