Learn Some Ink Etiquette, America! It’s Tattoo 101 With Puma And Sassy

Black Ink Crew stars Puma and Sassy have a lot of opinions when it comes to tattooing. What else do you expect from two people who work in one of the most successful tattoo shops in New York City? So what are their most important rules of tattoos?

1. Find a dope tattoo artist. No randos! No crackheads! Do your research.
2. Wash your ass before you get into the damn tattoo shop.
3. Don’t be cheap!
4. No names!
5. Don’t be wasted, yo!
6. Take care of your tattoos. Aftercare is very important, America.

The wonder twins, they never fail to entertain us. For more of them, tune in to the Black Ink Crew premiere this Monday at 9:30PM ET/PT.