Nerdy Is The New Sexy: The Hottest Four-Eyed VH1 Stars

  • Draya

  • Rasheeda2

  • Rasheeda

  • KeshaGlasses

  • Malaysia

  • Jen Glasses

  • EricaDGlasses

  • Po Glasses

  • chef

  • Stevie

  • Ariane2

  • Ariane

  • TI

  • Dice

  • Drew

  • JoeB

  • Yandy Glasses

Gone are the days when wearing glasses made you a geek or outed you as a nerd. Glasses are the coolest accessory going nowadays (so cool that some people even wear their 3D glasses from the movie theater as an accessory), and some of our favorite VH1 stars are here to prove that there’s nothing geeky about them. Of course, if you look like Draya Michele or T.I., you can pretty much wear anything and be sexy, but we found a few more celebs who rock the four-eyed look and make their astigmatism work for them. Check them out!