Miami Monkey Star Marissa Tells Us Her 10 Essential Items For Life In Miami

If, all of a sudden, you found yourself transplanted to the south of Florida after being used to New York winters and your local social scene, you might be at a loss for what items you’d need to bring with you to make you feel like you belong. So we asked the Staten Island girls in the cast of Miami Monkey what are the ten essential items one needs to make it in Miami? This week Marissa weighs in on the most important things in her closet, bathroom, and handbag to make her feel like a local. From red bottoms to a little bit of Fendi and Gucci, a few labels in your closet will go far in this town. Check out her list below.

  • Black Pumps Marissa

  • Lip Gloss Marissa

  • Nude Pumps Marissa

  • CocoaButter Marissa

  • Chanel Marissa

  • Marissa Wife Beaters

  • Cerave Marissa

  • Dress marissa

  • Fendi Marissa

  • Marissa Sunglasses

[Photo: Getty Images]