Basketball Wives Sneak Peek: Angry Birds

Tasha is pretty upset that the rest of the ladies, a.k.a. the “angry birds,” stormed out of her birthday party, and this week on Basketball Wives, she confronts them about their behavior. Shaunie reasons that they did attend the party and got tired of waiting after two hours, but Tasha fires back “When it’s somebody’s birthday, I didn’t know that I had to be on time.” Hmm. Not sure that’s a solid defense, so I’ll leave that to judge and jury.

She then calls the ladies’ behavior “tacky and tired” and that she’ll forgive them “this time” but they are shocked that they’re getting reamed out for something they don’t think is a big deal. But when Tasha takes a direct shot at Suzie…yeah, things are going from bad to worse. Tune in on Monday night at 8PM ET/PT for the fallout.