Erica Mena Tries To Rid Herself Of Rich Dollaz On Tonight’s Black Ink Crew

Worlds will collide on tonight’s episode of Black Ink Crew, when Love And Hip Hop star Erica Mena shows up at the door of Black Ink, with a special request for boss man Ceaser. New York City isn’t that big of a place, and we here at VH1 are all a big family, so it makes sense these two uptown personalities would run in the same circles.

Erica doesn’t want just any tattoo–butterflies and Tupac crosses are so played out, anyway–from Dutchess, instead she’s hoping Dutch can use some of her cover up wisdom and rid her of the letter “R” (as in Rich Dollaz) on her right hand. They may not be together anymore–and even when they were, their relationship was anything but stable–but that doesn’t mean Rich wants people knowing how she dissed and dismissed him. Sure he’s a “music executive,” but he still has time to come down to Black Ink THE MOMENT that Ceaser calls him and tells him what’s going on. Because he cares. Or something.

Tune in to see if Erica goes through with her tattoo request, and whether or not Rich pulls another Grand Romantic Gesture out of his bag of tricks on tonight’s all-new episode, at 9:30 pm ET/PT.