Basketball Wives Flashback: Catching Up With Kesha Nichols

Kesha Nichols was only on Basketball Wives for the show’s fourth season, but she made a huge impression on the show’s viewers. The North Carolina native now lives in New York City where, she says, she has a lot of fans. “In the city, I never knew how popular the show was, and everybody I see wants to tell me ’If I was you, I would have done this or that’ or ’If you were my friend, that wouldn’t have happened, I got your back, girl.’ Everyone is really nice, but it’s funny how many people get really emotional about it.”

We spoke to Kesha recently to discuss what she’s up to these days now that she’s no longer a part of the BBW cast, and she revealed a few exciting new prospects, including two new reality shows and a lifestyle brand specifically for women of blended ethnicities.

What are you up to, professionally?

Sugar and Spice, my production company, is still doing really well. It’s actually not just a dance company anymore, it’s an entertainment company and I’m not just a dancer anymore, I’m doing full-fledged production, parties, events.

I’m also about to launch a new lifestyle brand called BlenDiva that’s geared toward women of blended ethnicities and women of color, it’s been too long that we didn’t really have a place to belong so this brand is a place for women of blended races to belong. I can’t say much more about it yet, but I’m so, so excited about it.

Would you return to reality TV?

Believe it or not, I’m still kind of in the reality realm, very different from what you’ve seen from me so far, there are two shows that I’m actually working on, one starring myself and one for dog lovers, so watch out for that. It’s been so fun working on the one with my dog, Princess Peanut, so I’m really excited.

Do you keep in touch with any of your former co-stars?

I talk to Royce a lot. I don’t see her enough, it’s a shame, but we keep in touch. I talk to Jen every now and then, we text and keep saying were going to meet up when things slow down for us but we haven’t had a chance to do so. Those are really the only two.

What’s your takeaway from your experience on the show?

You know, I did all I could do, I gave it a good old college try for a season but that’s just not the place for me. I ain’t about that life. And proud of it. I was thinking of getting a shirt printed that says “I am not about that life…and dang proud of it!” I’m very proud of being myself. It’s very weird to talk about it now, with it being so far in the past, it’s just a thing that happened and I’m not on the show anymore and I’ve moved on with my life.

You can keep up with Kesha on Twitter: @KeshaNichols, @BlenDiva and @SugarAndSpiceNY