This “Meet Mimi” Video From Season One is Hilarious in Retrospect

"A lot of people call me a gold digger. I clean for a living. I've never heard of a cleaning gold digger."

When Mimi Faust signed on for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, she was Stevie J’s longtime girlfriend, a new mom, and an entrepreneur running her Atlanta-based cleaning service, Keep It Clean. In this intro video, filmed before season one even aired, Mimi explains that she’s stayed with Stevie through thick and thin because he’s so slick that he “he will charm a f—ing guinea pig.”

“I’m a good person. I’m just a good person, I’m just I’m very misunderstood,” Mimi adds, explaining that she has often been referred to as a gold digger, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. “I clean for a living. I’ve never heard of a cleaning gold digger, that doesn’t make sense.” Watch Mimi’s old-school cast profile now!