Basketball Wives Episode 8: Hate Me

“Listen, we’re right back to exactly what we said, it could go real right or real wrong. It was going real right in the f—ing beginning, and now it’s starting to go to that place where we kind of thought it could possibly go.”

Suzie and Tasha are currently in a fight. After Suzie went to Tasha’s hotel room last week to confront her and ask why she singled Suzie out as a follower of the “angry birds” things ended badly, with Tasha chasing Suzie down the hotel hallway and Suzie knocking Tasha’s hat to the ground. (Imagine if you will, the blog version of a fuzzy flashback of that moment.)

Suzie meets with Tami, who’s in the middle of getting her hair done, to tell her how it all went down and how Little Tami reared her head, and Tami is shocked by how Suzie handled the situation.

“What is gon’ happen now?” Tami wants to know.

Suzie explains that she wants an apology, which Tami agrees with. Sort of. Tami thinks Suzie deserves an apology for the way Tasha treated her at the restaurant, but that Suzie should apologize for telling Tasha “F— you” at her hotel. Tami’s a good mediator when she’s not directly involved in the situation! “I have Suzie’s back in this moment,” Tami says. “I’m always gonna stand up for the little man. Even when she’s six feet tall.”

Evelyn’s fashion line, Vida Lux, is in the works, and it’s time for her to see some of the merchandise and try it on. The clothes were made for her body, as is evident when she tries them on. So far the line consists mainly of casual wear but Ev really wants to create a line of maxidresses because that’s kind of her thing. Later, she decides to scrap casual wear altogether and just focus on maxidresses because she wants to show them at London Fashion Week. Which brings us to…

Ahh, the annual Basketball Wives trip. The getaway where, as Shaunie explains, there’s always a catastrophe. And yet they still insist on stamping that passport and getting the hell out of dodge, rolling those dice to see what kind of blowout will happen. When Shaunie suggests that all five ladies — yes, even Tasha — go to London Fashion Week, there are a few raised eyebrows. And they all belong to Tami.

“Tasha can come along, and if I don’t like that she’s there, I’ll just ignore the hell out of her,” she says.

Even though things didn’t go “really wrong” between the two women, Tami feels like there’s a weird vibe in the air, especially since Tami tried to offer Tasha some friendly business advice at her weave bar opening. “The energy was a little off,” Evelyn agrees. Maybe it was all that asbestos? Cough.

Evelyn’s not the only one with a business that’s taking off this week. Tami’s TR Love nail polish line made its debut, too, and a ton of her celebrity friends came out to support. Niecy Nash, Elise Neal, and our faves, Stevie J and Somaya Reece were there to celebrate the launch.

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“Now this is a real event!” Suzie says when she arrives. “Where’s Big Diva?” Tami is thrilled that her friends are there to support her, and the event really does go off without issue. It all kind of overwhelms Tami and she breaks down a little, thanking them for being there for her.

Evelyn calls up Tasha to see if she’s interested in going on the London trip and mentions Suzie will also be going. “I know you and Suzie had a little tiff, I heard about it. I know she’s definitely gonna go, so I was wondering how you feel about it,” she says. Tasha says she’s beyond it now, but she does plan to address Suzie once again to straighten things out. Tasha’s mad because in their argument, Suzie brought up Stephon which crosses a line for Tasha.

“Say what you want to say,” Tasha says. “Just don’t say anything about my husband.”

“We can just stay away from each other or we can make amends,” Tasha says.

Now that Evelyn’s decided to move away from jeans and tees and create a line of maxidresses, it’s time to get to designing them. She meets the Vida Lux head designer who wows her with a series of sketches, Ev just worries if they can pull off the prototypes in time for Fashion Week.

They only have a couple weeks, but Evelyn is confident they can make it happen.

Tami’s mother, Nadine, is still receiving treatment for her liver cancer, and she and Tami visit a new doctor. The old doctor gave Tami a grim prognosis for her mom, and the new doctor is a little more optimistic. Which is great, except that Tami can’t take this emotional roller coaster, and she tells the doctor about how difficult it is to prepare for the worst and then have it get drawn out.

“My mother’s condition is very trying on me and my daughters, emotionally,” she explains. “So for me, I’ve kinda put a wall up, which may not be the actual, proper way to handle it, but I can’t keep going through this, emotionally.” Tami decides to send her mom to counseling to work on some of her own issues, and Tami plans to wait until a definitive diagnosis comes through before really starting to process things.

Since Evelyn is tasked with telling the group about the London trip, she mentions it to Suzie while they’re out shopping and is a little hesitant to mention that, yes, Tasha is going.

Suzie’s not thrilled. But she promises that at the very least, she’ll leave Little Tami behind. “I don’t care where you leave her, just don’t bring the bitch with you,” Evelyn says.

Evelyn reveals that her plan in London is to debut her fashion line, which thrills and excites her and Suzie. Even though this is the first that Suzie is hearing about any of this.

And now, a blast from the past. Ms. Kenya Bell, with her legacy of “loose” comments and kitten heels, is in L.A. and she has a performance coming up, so she calls Tami to see if she and the rest of the girls will come.

Kenya tells Tami that her new single is called “Hate Me” and it sorta throws shade at women who hate on other women.

“I just wanted to be clear that it wasn’t directed to me,” Tami tells her. But Kenya cryptically tells Tami that the song is indeed about one person in particular. Who is it? We shall see…after the girls get back from London.

Tami and Suzie go wine tasting because why the hell not? It’s a place we haven’t gone before to get some exposition out of the way.

Suzie explains her concern over going to London with Tasha and how she might need the help of Little Tami again to back her up. The real Tami is concerned that Suzie’s a little to possessive of Little Tami these days and revokes all Little Tami privileges. (Side note, all I can imagine when I hear “Little Tami” is a ventriloquist’s dummy made up to look like Tami Roman. Night, night, Little Tami. Time to go back in your box now.)

Tami’s not without her own Tasha issues, she’s still a little sour over Tasha’s request that Tami get her a birthday gift. When it turns out that the wine they’re tasting is from a region of France called “Bugey” they can’t resist getting a bottle for their bougey friend. Remember the last time the ladies had a bougey friend? That didn’t work out so well.

Tami says she never expected Tasha to be so “pinky in the air bougey” but that’s exactly what she is. And to that, she toasts her.

Next week, London! Will the rest of the girls fly economy and Tasha takes the Concorde across the pond? Will Evelyn’s fashion show get off the ground? Will Little Tami make an appearance? Tune in…