Basketball Wives: London Calling

London! Yayyy! After this trip, it would appear that the Basketball Wives vacation curse has been lifted. But it wasn’t without it’s rocky moments. Like…

Okay, we’re not even in London for ten minutes when Suzie starts wondering (and can she actually be serious??) about UK strip clubs and the women who work in them. Are they actually “pale as s—“? Do they get spray tanned? Do their vaginas hurt from grinding on guys’ jeans? (Seriously, WTF is any of this?? The look on everyone’s faces says they don’t know either.)

No one knows what to make of Suzie’s random non sequitur. “Suzie always goes to the left,” Tami says. “Now she’s talking about friction on jeans.”

So to this point, Suzie and Tasha seemed to have an understanding that in order for this London trip to work, they’d ignore one another. But Tasha can’t hold her tongue after this random strip club chatter, and starts calling Suzie “a little froggy these days” and suggests she’s off her meds.

“I liked you at first,” Suzie tells Tasha. “But then, you’re just a little too stuck up.”

No one else in the car wants any part of this and Evelyn just prays these two have a conversation in private to work out their differences.

Once in their hotel, Shaunie invites Tasha to her suite to see what’s going on between her and Suzie. Tasha reiterates that she thinks Suzie crossed a line when she brought up Stephon. “I just would like for her to respect the fact that I am married. When you get a husband, then you can come to me,” Tasha says.

“She has a slick mouth,” Shaunie agrees. “She’s always had that though.”

Things are about to get even slicker when Tami arrives with her “Bugey” birthday gift for Tasha…

Tami and the rest of the women show up to Shaunie’s suite and Tami announces “I brought a gift for Tasha!” Ah yes, the gift that Tasha requested of Tami since she couldn’t make it to Tasha’s birthday in person.

“Actually it was supposed to be a little diss but that child, she so bougie, she received it with open arms,” Tami says.

Whatever dust the Bugey wine was supposed to kick up remained settled, so hey, points for conflict being averted! But when Tasha is handed a glass of wine by Suzie and she thanks her, Suzie replies “You’re not welcome,” and that starts a whole ’nother round of verbal sparring and all the women are rolling their eyes at it.

“I don’t know what’s going on with Suzie. It’s funny, but that aggressive-Tami-sitting-on-her-shoulder-thing’s got to go away,” Shaunie declares.

Since the women are in London for Fashion Week, it makes sense that they actually head to some shows. When Suzie stops by Tami’s room to pick her up for the day, Tami announces she’s not going because she has a family emergency: her daughter Jazz has been robbed at gunpoint. Tami’s dead on when she tells Suzie” If it’s not one thing, it’s another.” Seriously, she’s going through a lot.

Everyone understands when Suzie delivers the message of why Tami can’t go, but they forge ahead without her to the first show. But Evelyn points out that the energy changed among the women after hearing what Tami and her daughter went through. Tasha and Suzie actually start getting along, miracle of miracles. Suzie even admits later that she feels bad about the way she’s been handling Tasha and says that their differences are “kind of irrelevant right now.”

Later, at dinner, they both actually apologize to one another and everyone is happy. It’s as easy as that, folks.

“Do we need to discuss anything else?” Tami asks the table at dinner, hoping to either get some good gossip or clear any other air that needs to be cleared, or some combo of the two. And that’s when Evelyn asks Tasha “What’s going on with Crazy?” With who now?

“Crazy” is a woman Tasha’s been dealing with who “has created in her head that she is Stephon’s new love interest.” Yikes. This woman has called Tasha and Stephon, talked about visiting Stephon in China, and even started stalking Tasha’s friends. “It’s getting to a point where she can’t ignore it no more,” Evelyn says after hearing how crazy Crazy really is. The woman has even started tweeting at all the women, too. It sounds borderline scary, but Tasha assures them all she’s monitoring the situation.

The time has finally come for Evelyn’s own Vida Lux fashion show and she is stressed to the max(i dress). None of her other business partners can make it to London, but fortunately she has the help and support of Shaniece, who will be one of her models, and her stylist, Jason. Jason helps her fit all the models while the rest of the ladies gear up to attend the Vida Lux show.

“I’m just hoping the girls love it. I mean listen, we can be a tough crowd when we go to each others’ stuff,” Evelyn says. But the girls are already impressed by the venue, a nightclub arranged so that the dance floor is the catwalk. So far, so good. Here are a few of the looks from the show.

The show was perfect. No models falling, no snags or hitches, and Shaniece looked amazing as one of Ev’s models. And all the girls are stunned at how well it went.

At the show, Evelyn also announces that she’s launching a foundation,, to benefit women in abusive relationships.

“I pulled it off!” she says when it’s all over. “I was praying about this for a few days like, God, I hope this ain’t a s— -show. But, thank you, Jesus, it turned out great.”

Next week, Kenya returns and all this peace that has been achieved might just fly out the window.