“She’s Lying!”: Puma Tells Very VH1 What He Thinks Of Dutchess

How did Puma feel last night as he watched the confrontation between Sassy and Dutchess on Black Ink Crew? Not great, because in his opinion, Dutchess was lying the whole time. That’s what he told us when he was on last night’s Very VH1, referring to the way Dutchess shifted blame to Teddy Rux for starting the rumor that he and Sassy slept together.

“I mean, everybody saw the episode, she was the one that said the joke,” he said. “So how will you go and say Teddy said the joke?”

“Teddy doesn’t do things like that, “O’S**t concurred. “Teddy knows how to stay in his lane.”

Didn’t stay up late enough to catch the full chat with these two? You can watch the whole thing here to see how they feel about the rest of last night’s show and their co-stars.