Very VH1: O’S**t Discusses That Misspelled Tattoo And Why He Covered It With A Dollar Sign

Black Ink Crew star O’S**t has a spelling problem — he doesn’t always do it very well. As we saw earlier this season, when a client asked for the phrase “Me against the world” on his chest, S**t ended up leaving out the “S” in “against” and then covering it up by adding a dollar sign so it looked like this:

When O’S**t joined us for Very VH1 this week, we had to know what happened with that. “People make mistakes, nobody’s perfect,” he said. “He wrote it wrong, I wrote it wrong, I showed it to him and he didn’t say that it was wrong. He was too busy, you know, excited about the tattoo,” S**t says of his client. And speaking of his client, did he even know the giant tattoo on his chest was wrong? Watch the clip to find out!