The 5 Most Important Moments From Miami Monkey: Episode 7

The Miami Monkey women are at it again! Surprise – the “voodoo” didn’t actually do anything, and the drama is crazier than ever. Let’s get into it, shall we?

1. Big Ang Wants A Big Gay Night
“Gays are good for bar business,” declares Big Ang, and so she enlists her sidekick Morgan to recruit pal Elaine Lancaster to organize a gay night event at the Miami Monkey. Morgan is excited, of course, because it puts “her name on the line.” MORGAN!!!! *shakes fist at the sky*

2. Roxanne, Ryan And Marissa Yell Some More
Raquel gets involved in the Staten Island girls vs. Brooklynite drama and facilitates a sitdown between all the women. There’s a lot of shouting and hating and anger but Raquel – the mutual friend between all of them – announces “you’re going to have to like each other, and that’s it!” Problem solved!

3. Marissa Confronts Cristina
Marissa is pissed that Cristina blabbed to Morgan about her drama with the girls, and confronts her about what actually went down. In a strange twist, Marissa is eerily quiet through out the entire sitdown. It can only mean one thing: this is the maddest she’s ever been in her life. Eek!

4. Morgan Gets Hers
Finally, the true culprit is confronted! Raquel goes after Morgan in the middle of the Monkey’s gay night (aka: Morgan’s big event) and calls her out for instigating all the drama.

5. Ryan Tells Marissa To “Act Like A Lady”
Ryan, Ryan, Ryan…you know better than to say ANYTHING to Marissa other than “hello.”