Erica Mena Is The Author Of A Sex Book? She Sure Is

On tonight’s Love & Hip Hop premiere, Erica Mena was busy picking out sexy underpinnings to wear on the cover of hr new book. The thought of Erica picking out revealing clothes wasn’t a shock, but the fact that she’s a published author actually threw us off. And in fact, this is her second book. Have we been living under a rock? Guess so!

Her first book, Underneath It All, came out earlier this year, and the new one, entitled Chronicles Of A Confirmed Bachelorette: The Girl Factor, just came out yesterday. From the book’s Amazon description, it sounds like a must-read, if only to figure what the hell we’re supposed to be doing with Pop Rocks:

Some people have asked me how could I want a woman and a man. Some have called me greedy and some have called me confused. But I asked why not have both? Who wouldnt want the best of both worlds? Why should I have to choose? I love being in the arms of a strong man but I also love the feeling of a womans soft lips on mines. Call me greedy or call me confused I think of it as free spirited. I m going to take you into my world. Ladies do you know what you can use fruit roll ups or pop rocks for? Men do you know how to reach your womans G-spot? Get lost in my sexual rendezvous. Experience exactly how I feel when I m with a man or woman. Come share my erotic fantasies. See what has me gasping for air, clawing my nails into some ones back, and my eyes rolling behind my head. Welcome to Chronicles of a Confirmed Bachelorette: Girl Factor where every page will have you panting, aching, moaning, and quivering for more.