Watch A Hit The Floor Blooper Reel + Three Never-Before-Seen Clips From Season One

Missing Hit The Floor as much as we are? Don’t worry, your favorite scantily clad dancers with closets full of skeletons will be back before you know it. Until then, your job is to obsess over every little detail from Season One and turn as many people on to our scripted series as you can. Deal?

To reward you AND help ease any separation anxiety, we have three exclusive clips from the show that never made it to air.

And what would make seeing Ahsha, Jelena, Sloane, and Terrence again better than learning some juicy info from the HTF mastermind (creator, James LaRosa) himself? A blooper real featuring Super Man getting down and Logan Browning passing, um, gas while the cameras are rolling of course. We’re giving you both, because we like you so much!

Enjoy the sillier sides of our HTF fam above, and check out three deleted scenes with James LaRosa’s commentary, below.

Asha Arrives At The Devil Girls Audition

Jonathan and Taylour have the sweetest chemistry. You just buy that they would be together. This was our first day of filming Hit The Floor ever ever ever. Our Director of Photography had a medical emergency before we rolled one frame and had to be taken to the hospital, never to return again. Good thing I didn’t believe in omens! This scene was another one we had to cut for time. Also, we were a dance show and we wanted to get to the dancing asap. Cuz it’s awesommmmmme.

Terrence Gives Jelena The Cold Shoulder

Logan was so excited to tie a man’s tie in this scene. We cut it for time–with all the story we had to tell, our season finale was about 300 hours long at one point. Plus the less time Jelena and Terrence were together before he crushed her in the locker room, the better. Rob kept it so mysterious. When he opened up that ring box later and instead of the ring being in there it was the Oxymetholone, s–t. Twitter broke. Someone Instagrammed a little girl screaming at the TV screen “In Yo Face Jelena!” It was probably the highlight of my life.

Sloane Prepares For The Big Announcement

This scene was designed to trick the audience into thinking this hot stranger in Sloane’s house was really her man. What it wound up doing was tipping off the reveal that Sloane was taking over for Olivia. Without it, when Oscar introduces her as the new director of the Devil Girls, you’re like, WHAT? Aw hell naw. I like a good “aw hell naw.” Plus, again, that episode was 300 hours long.

Look out for Season Two of Hit The Floor coming your way in 2014.

[Photo Credit: @jameslarosa]