A Look Back At 15 Of Tasha Marbury’s Hottest Outfits

  • tasha-ballin

    Beyoncé, Ciara and Wiz Khalifa have all worn this t-shirt, too. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-bighoops

    Yes, the big hoop earrings popularized by Mary J. Blige in the 1990s are back. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-brooklyn

    Tasha paying homage to Brooklyn. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-graygown

    Tasha in a nice gray gown for her birthday celebration. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-kid

    Tasha’s not the only stylish one here! [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-leatheroveralls

    Tasha in leather overalls. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-londonfashionweek

    Tasha giving you a suited “lewk” in London Fashion Week. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-marbury-brooklynbowl

    Tasha couldn’t get the pinky finger on her left hand to cooperate, but thankfully the outfit did. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-miniskirt

    A miniskirt with a smile. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-party

    Turnt up. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-philliplimpants

    Tasha loves her Phillip Lim pants. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-rollers

    You can see why Stevie J liked this picture. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-sidepose

    Serving in Williamsburg. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-suitcase

    Meet Tasha’s new suitcase. [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-usopen

    A headache is no excuse to stop looking cute.[Photo: Instagram]

Not everyone loves Tasha Marbury’s choice in clothing – i.e. Suzie Ketcham, who knocked Tasha’s fedora right off her head during an argument – but the Basketball Wives star has noticeably chic style. Did she fill the void left by Jennifer Williams? Does she give Evelyn Lozada a run for her money? Let’s check out the wife of Stephon Marbury’s hottest looks.

Also, is it me or does Tasha look like a Hype Hair magazine model? That is a compliment. I swear! Go, Tasha. Go.

[Photos: Instagram]

— Michael Arceneaux