Wifey Wars: Are You Team Tara Or Team Amina?

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This week on the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop, we’ve only just met the new cast, and already the bombshells are dropping.

In under sixty minutes, it was revealed that Peter Gunz, music manager, friend to Rich Dollaz, and apparent two-timer, is married to his client, Amina Buddafly. The problem being, he lives with his girlfriend of thirteen years, Tara Wallace, and their two kids. In Peter’s defense, he appears to genuinely love both women, but seeing as we don’t live in a society where this kind of thing flies, we’re pretty sure he’s eventually going to have to choose one. Maybe we can help him out. What do you guys think after seeing the episode, are you Team Tara or Team Amina? Take a look at some photos of the two and take our poll below!

After Watching The Season Premiere Of Love & Hip Hop, I’m…