Chrissy & Mr. Jones Season Premiere Sneak Peek: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

In this sneak peek from Monday’s season premiere of Chrissy & Mr. Jones, the world is introduced to Pudie, Jim’s son. Prepare to fall in love.

Pudie’s going to be living with Jim and Chrissy for a while and as Chrissy explains, he might just be the only person who can put Jimmy in his place. Pudie’s arrival is a great thing for them (umm because he’s hilarious), but it also brings some surprises and challenges along the way…like 6:15 wake-up calls to get ready for camp. Jim tries to pass that duty off to Chrissy but like any same person, she’s not having it. Chrissy’s never been one to put up with that sort of thing, doesn’t Jim know that by now?

Chrissy & Mr. Jones’ second season premieres on Monday night at 8PM ET/PT