Direct From The Love & Hip Hop Premiere Party: The Best Photos And 10 Huge Surprises

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If you think you have this season of Love & Hip Hop all figured out after watching episode one, think again. After we attended tonight’s premiere party at Stage 48 in New York City, we have to say that we learned a lot about this season’s cast, first and foremost that they’re keeping us on our toes. After a panel discussion (which we’ll stream live right here at 3pm Tuesday, so watch for it!), we learned ten surprising things about the show that make us even more excited for the drama this season. Read on to see what they are, and scroll through our gallery of the best photos from the night.

1. Joe and Tahiry are no longer together. And they had only just gotten back together! But Joe still has Tahiry in his sights and hasn’t given up on them. Which qualifies him as “a stalker” according to Tahiry.

2. Peter Gunz is willing to let his women take the hits for him. He was a no-show to the party, leaving Tara and Amina to answer for his behavior and Tahiry to wonder “Where the f— is Peter Gunz?!”

3. Amina swears she didn’t know Tara was in the picture when she started dating Peter and claims she wouldn’t be a fan of herself if she was watching the show unfold. (Don’t worry, internet haters, she says she’s prepared to deal with you.) But…

4. …Tara says Amina’s attempts to claim ignorance are bulls—. Tara and Peter hung out with Amina and her then-boyfriend several times.

5. Rashidah Ali will rise again! Though she’s not a central cast member, she makes appearances in several episodes this season.

6. Amina reveals that she and Peter actually had a personal relationship even before he became her manager.

7. Yandy and Rich’s new business venture is called Lenox Avenue Records, and they’re currently looking for new artists.

8. Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena’s new girlfriend Cyn Santana have a love-hate relationship…which appears to fluctuate by the second. They have no problem cursing one another out with Erica in the middle.

9. Erica wooed Cyn because she saw her and “decided to have her, and she’s Cyn’s first female relationship.

10. K.Michelle was initially afraid of filming with Erica. She was also a no-show at the panel, so maybe she still is?

We’ll have even more exclusive premiere coverage all week long, so check back tomorrow for more interviews and photos from the event!