Rich Dollaz Still Loves That “F—ing Maniac” Erica Mena

“I love you with all my heart. That’s why I’m squeezing your t—s right now.” That pretty much sums up the current relationship between Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena these days.

At the Love & Hip Hop premiere Q&A panel, Erica’s new boo, Cyn Santana, and Rich appeared to have words for each other and trade insults, but later we saw them exchanging pleasantries, so we asked Erica what’s up with their love-hate relationship. And it turns out, there’s enough love for Rich to extend an invite for both women to come on over to Chez Dollaz.

Erica grabbed Rich who was sitting nearby and asked “So what do you feel, do you hate Cyn or love her?” “If you like her, I love her. And here we are,” he responded. And for the record, Rich would be cool if Erica wanted to incorporate Cyn into their world. “Bring her home! The more the merrier!”

“Typical man answer! Not the right answer!” she told him.

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