Is Amina A Homewrecker? The Love & Hip Hop Cast Decides

“For lack of a better word: Homewrecker.”

“It’s very messy and I’m happy I’m not a part of it.”

“Ultimately, a decision has to be made. I’m Team Peter.”

Those are just a few of the opinions and comments that the cast of Love & Hip Hop had regarding the Amina-Tara-Peter love triangle that we were all introduced to on last night’s season premiere. Oddly enough, though, Peter Gunz himself chose not to attend the premiere, leaving the two women in his life to defend him and justify his behavior. “He’s not comfortable being coupled up with me in front of her,” Amina told us, reasoning that Peter chose not to come because some of these wounds are still fresh. Tahiry was less accepting of that and said “The fact that Peter isn’t here says a lot to me. Only a coward would punk out…Show face, bro.”