One Year Later: How The Cast Of Mob Wives Handled Hurricane Sandy

  • video

    The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on Staten Island.

    [Photo: VH1 Blog]

  • carla-sandygraph

    On episode five, Carla said of Sandy, “I lived in New York my whole life, I’ve never seen anything like this.”

  • love-donations

    Love Majewski was quick to produce donations to victims in need on the show.

  • ang-donations

    Big Ang helping with Sandy relief efforts in Staten Island.

    [Photo: VH1 Blog]

  • renee-florida

    Renee was in rehab at the time of the storm, but helped with relief efforts from Florida.

    [Photo: VH1 Blog]

  • drita-packs

    Drita told VH1 Blog that she explained Sandy to her daughter by noting, “You know how when we watch TV and you see bad things that have happened around the world? This has happened now in our neighborhood. People lost their lives, their homes.”

    [Photo: VH1 Blog]

  • ang-volunteers

    Big Ang with Sandy volunteeers.

    [Photo: VH1 Blog]

  • ramona-karen

    Ramona and Karen.

    [Photo: VH1 blog]

  • big-ang-more-donations

    More of the cast working to help those Staten Island victims in need.

    [Photo Blog: VH1]

  • drita-morningbuzz

    During her appearance on VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz Live,” Drita said of her cast mates, “Whatever beef or nonsense was going on, it just disappeared. Everybody was like, texting each other, seeing if we were all okay, we were all helping and donating and cleaning and doing everything, it was nice to see that. Everybody put all their problems aside.”

    [Photo: VH1 Blog]

  • karen-sandypsa

    In the immediate aftermath, the “Mob Wives” shot a PSA for Tunnel To Towers.

  • ang-mornigbuzz

    Last November, Big Ang appeared on “Big Morning Buzz Live” her latest fundraiser for Sandy victims.

    [Photo: VH1 Blog]

  • pia-leah

    “Mob Wives: Chicago” Stars”Pia Rizza and Leah DeSimone attend Drita’s Sandy fundraiser. [Photo: VH1 Blog]

  • elizabeth-tough-love

    “Tough Love New Orleans” star Elizabeth Vashisht makes an appearance at Drita’s Sandy fundraiser. [Photo: VH1 Blog]

  • carla-ang

    Carla Facciolo and Big Ang attend Drita’s Sandy Fundraiser benefitting NYC area victims.

    [Photo: VH1 Blog]

Petty bickering and fights were put aside on season three of Mob Wives following the devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought on the ladies’ native home, Staten Island. Following the havoc the massive storm unleashed on the East Coast, the women banded together and employed their strength towards a greater cause — aiding their community and doing their part to help rebuild their hometown.

On the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, we look at back at how the women of Mob Wives handled the storm before and after the destruction.

— Michael Arceneaux