Will Tahiry And Joe Budden Live Happily Ever After? Here’s What Tahiry Thinks

As we learned on Monday night at the Love & Hip Hop premiere party, Tahiry and Joe Budden are no longer a couple…at the moment. Despite the fact that they got back together at the end of last season and looked happy together during the season premiere, they’re currently in a holding pattern, just trying to figure things out. When we asked Tahiry what it would take for their relationship to have a happy ending, here’s what she had to say.

“What would my happy ending be?” she pondered. “Actually, Joey saying some things and me believing them. Or him saying some things and three weeks later, and him not, you know, him actually being real about it. How many times can somebody be sorry and continue to do things that they’re sorry for, like, again and again?”

To see whether or not these two will get their happy ending, tune in to Love & Hip Hop Mondays at 8PM ET/PT.