Amina Discusses Getting Played By Peter Gunz And Being In Love With A Liar

“I hate to talk bad about Peter but it’s really like, his mess. He would tell you the same if he were here…he lied to me as well as to her,” Amina Buddafly told us at the Love & Hip Hop premiere party on Monday when we asked if she felt like she and Tara both got played by the man they love. “Absolutely he played me and he played her, no doubt about it.”

She goes on to explain that “it’s really hard to accept that he’s…kind of such a liar. I don’t want to say that bad word because I love him to death, I love him more than anything ever.” This guy must be magical, because when your wife calls you a liar and knows you have another home, another woman, two kids with that woman, and she still loves you to death…that’s really something. Amina also discusses her attempt to make peace with Tara who just wasn’t having any of it. Watch the clip for more with Amina, who’s hopeful that she, Tara and Peter can all be friends in the end.