The 5 Most Important Moments From Miami Monkey: Episode 9

This week, the Miami Monkey team partakes in their two favorite pastimes: wining and whining! Salud! Let’s toast to these top moments, shall we?

1. Clink clink, sip sip, glug glug! Repeat! Ang goes wine tasting to test out her competition, and test she does! 

2. Ang’s most exciting day-yyyyyyy! Her wine arrives! It is big, pink and fun to drink…just like her?

3. Nate’s no-no. Roxanne lets the DJ have it for drinking the bar’s liquor (or as Roxanne says, “licka”) on the job. Nate’s dismissive and all “I’ll straight up walk out of here” to which we’re like: “go for it, dude.” *gentle mic drop*

4. The “sloppy trashbag.” Cristina gets drunk on the job at the wine tasting party because she needs to be “loose” to do her job promoting. Things get crazy when Morgan attempts a convo and Cristina shows her the (inebriated) hand. Morgan melts down over this because Morgan Morgan Morgan, and this failed interaction makes all the NYC gals “Team Morgan” for some reason. Logic, where for art thou?

Later, Cristina tatts it up with Nate, getting music notes drawn on her feet because she loves to dance. (Logic is still absent, apparently.)

5. “25.Ew.” Happy birthday Morgan! Yes, the lean queen of mean celebrates 25 with her skinny friends and some Monkey workers she deems worthy of her birthday yacht. But Ryan skips out, afraid of being alone 0n the ocean with Marissa, which makes sense considering the things that have come out of that woman’s mouth. Morgan is really bummed out by her absence, which is odd because they hated each other’s guts/butts just two episodes ago. If Morgan and Ryan can work things out, shouldn’t we assume Marissa and Ryan will be BFFs faster than you can say “drama?”