Sex And Candy: Erica Mena Gives Us Some Very Intimate Bedroom Advice

“As a woman, I think we naturally give more than what we get,” says Love & Hip Hop’s Erica Mena, referring specifically to what goes on in the bedroom. And she knows all about giving, she’s the author of a new sex book, Chronicles Of A Confirmed Bachelorette: The Girl Factor (out now!). After we read the book’s description which included adding Pop Rocks into the bedroom routine, we asked Erica to elaborate and give us a how-to. And boy did she deliver. No wonder Rich Dollaz misses her.

After detailing the candy’s usefulness when trying to please a man, (caution: this clip’s language is bleeped but the content’s still pretty NSFW) Erica tells us “It’s very sticky. But it’s very fun, it’s like fun in your mouth and then he actually feels like Pop Rocks popping.” So there you have it. Pop Rocks marketing people, I hope you’re watching this.