Has Love & Hip Hop Made Erica Jean And Saigon Closer?

When we asked Erica Jean and Saigon to sum up this season of Love & Hip Hop in three words, Saigon’s description was “Responsible black father.” And despite what you may have seen on tonight’s episode, with Saigon questioning the paternity of his son with Erica, and the two of them struggling to make their relationship work, they are definitely putting some effort into it. So how’s that working out?

The show surprisingly has made them close, they explain in this clip from the Love & Hip Hop premiere party…and they’ve learned from some of their co-stars mistakes. “It brought me and her together close,” Saigon says. “I look at some other people’s situations and say we don’t wanna be like that, because that’s a disaster waiting to happen.” And why do they want their relationship to work? For the sake of their future Ivy League-attending son. Listen to them discuss his future and their own possible wedding plans right here.