VH1 Fashions Of The Week: Tight and Colorful

  • chrissy

    Chrissy [Photo: Instagram]

  • cyn-santana

    Cyn Santana

  • erica-dixon

    Erica Dixon [Photo: Instagram]

  • erica-mena

    Erica Mena, looking cute and usual [Photo: Instagram]

  • jen-williams

    Jennifer Williams and friend [Photo: Instagram]

  • joebudden

    Joe Budden [Photo: Instagram]

  • joseline

    Joseline [Photo: Instagram]

  • kmichelle

    K. Michelle [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala-keke

    KeKe Palmer and LaLa [Photo: Instagram]

  • nya-lee

    Nya Lee [Photo: Instagram]

  • tahiry

    Tahiry [Photo: Instagram]

  • tami

    Tami Roman [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-marbury

    Tasha Marbury and friend [Photo: Instagram]

  • tiny

    Tiny and Toya Wright [Photo: Instagram]

  • yandy-tara

    Yandy and Tara [Photo: Instagram]

  • sassy

    Sassy [Photo: Instagram]

  • joseline-feature

    Joseline [Photo: Instagram]

There’s lots of color and length in terms of both style of dress and weave in this week’s fashion round up. There are ultra tight dresses, high heels, and lots of sex appeal from the women who make up much of VH1’s programming bloc, including several looks from Monday night’s Love & Hip Hop premiere party. That’s also where we saw the ever-stylish Joe Budden, who solely reps for the fellas this week. We appreciate the effort, Joe, particularly with the colorful socks. One more thing: A few of these looks may look like they were inspired by Halloween, but that’s not a costume, just a custom made dress. No shade. Again, we’re all about effort and individuality ’round these parts.

— Michael Arceneaux