How Excited Is The Cast Of Love & Hip Hop For This Season? SO Excited!

There are a lot of new faces on season four of Love & Hip Hop, and most of them started out as fans of the show before they were added to the cast. So how excited are they to be a part of this series? We asked them at Monday night’s premiere party.

Erica Jean can’t even contain her enthusiasm since Love & Hip Hop is her favorite show, while her baby’s father, Saigon, says very properly “It’s a pleasure to be here after all this time.” Amina explained that she was equal parts excited and nervous because she didn’t know what to expect (this question was asked before she saw the episode — chances are she was probably pretty surprised to see a lot of things). “I’m actually like, shaking right now because I don’t know what’s going to happen.” Watch the clip above to see what everyone else is looking forward to, including Rich Dollaz, who was most excited to find the bar.