Comfort Is Key: Check Out Joe Budden And Tahiry’s Style From Head To Toe

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This week on Love & Hip Hop, Joe Budden made a deposit into his “relationship account” with Tahiry by custom-making her a pair of jeans. If you think that’s a weird gift, it’s not. On the contrary, it’s a pretty thoughtful one. That’s because when we spoke to Tahiry recently to get the scoop on all things fashion with her, she told us just how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans. So it looks like Joe was just being an astute and attentive boyfriend after all. Read on to find out more about Tahiry’s favorite designers, stores, working out and dressing for her body type, and how the only thing she looks for in her wardrobe is “anything that fits me comfortably.”

Tahiry’s favorite stores:

Uniqlo, Intermix, TopShop, Scoop, Nieman Marcus and Saks are all favorites. “I can’t wear a lot of these designers like Fendi and Gucci,” she tells us. “They don’t fit me because of my hips and thighs, a lot of it isn’t cut for me.”

With her curves, how does she choose what to wear?

“I tend to wear anything that fits me comfortably. When you’re comfortable, you exude that. I wear a lot of stretch. So when I’m not on camera, I wear a lot of sweatsuits, a lot of Giuseppe sneakers, I love Giuseppe shoes PERIOD. I tend to stick to what’s form-fitting because I have hips and a lot of back and so anytime I try to go with a boyish cut, I’ve tried and it doesn’t work too well for me. I usually wear crop tops because I’m so tiny and so heavy on the bottom and I have to show some kind of division, so I’ll wear a belt so you can see some shape. It’s pretty difficult to shop. Shopping for jeans is really difficult, I have to pretty much go to the whole wall in Barneys and figure out what jeans speak to me. It’s not about them fitting all the time, it’s about making a statement.

Shopping and I are not very good friends because it’s difficult but I figure out how to make things work. But I love to be comfortable. I love my tight onesies, my flawy sweaters, I’m really into my shoes, my sneakers, I wear a lot of Jordans, Nikes, and my bags. But overall comfortable. No matter what it costs, if you feel good in it, you exude that. You walk in anywhere and own the room.”

Tahiry’s Instagram is full of gym pics, how often does she work out?

“I try to make it to the gym, if I can, at least three times a week. I try to switch up my workouts, spin class, I’ll try yoga one day, I switch it up because you get bored of working out with a trainer every day. It’s become a lifestyle. You have to stay fit, and the older you get you have to take care of yourself. If not, you’ll be looking crazy when you’re older!”

To see more of Tahiry and Joe’s style, click through our gallery above!

[Photos: Lauren Weissler for VH1]