Watch Out, Tahiry! Joe Budden Has Baby Fever And He’s Coming For You

On the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop, we saw Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose back together again, discussing their plans for the future. Part of the conversation involved Joe wanting to have a baby, so when we saw the off-again, on-again couple recently we asked if they could see themselves having a baby together. They both definitely want kids, Tahiry says right now she can’t imagine having them with Joe. However, Joe caught Tahiry off-guard when he told us he has baby fever and he’ll be “coming at her” soon. See what these two have to say about babies, co-parenting, and whether they’re really ready for it all in our interview.

In episode one, you two talk about babies. Are you in a baby mindset now?

Tahiry: I have been, I have this whole maternal thing. I see babies now and it’s just different than I used to be. My workload is intense right now, but yeah, I’m getting around that time where it’s time to make that space to have a family. I still gotta find a husband first, I’m trying to do it the right way, I’ve waited this long. But yeah, I want babies.

I know you and Joe are on and off, would you consider having a baby and just co-parenting?

T: Ummm…right now, my thoughts on having a baby with Joe to co-parent is a NO! It’s a no. At one point it probably would have been a yes, but right now, no. Being parents is something real, and I don’t think Joey’s ready for that. But you can ask him yourself.

Joe, do you have baby fever?

Joe: Baby fever? [Pause]

T: Crickets!

J: I tried to put a baby in Tahiry but she wasn’t ready to trust, so I’ll wait a little longer.

T: But do you have baby fever? Are you ready for a baby?

J: F— yeah.

T: For real?

J: Definitely. But I gotta have sex first. Well, I guess you don’t have to, you can do what Angelina Jolie did and adopt, that’s also nice. Tahiry can jump on board later, I’ll be a single dad.

Would you co-parent?

J: Why would we be co-parents? We’ll be together, mark my words. I’m definitely coming at her. Soon. End quote.

[Photo: Lauren Weissler for VH1]