Very VH1: Ted And Puma Say (Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey) Goodbye To Alex

On last night’s Very VH1 live chat, we were joined by Black Ink Crew stars Puma and Teddy who poured some out for their departed co-star, Alex. After a tumultuous photo shoot gone wrong, Alex was cursed out by a makeup artist and banished from the BIC universe on last night’s episode, and Puma and Teddy offered up these parting words: “Na na! Na na na na! Hey hey hey goodbyyyye!”

Despite their goofy send-off, they admit they’ll miss Alex, and they also still love her. “I hope everything is good with her, I wish her the best,” Ted says, and Puma explains that the photo shoot she bailed on was an opportunity for her to prove she could come through for her friends, but in the end, “She just didn’t give a f—.” Alex, we miss you, and your killer style, too!